Chris "Nascent" Ruelas
The word “Nascent” means just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential. Chris “Nascent” Ruelas has been creating his future potential as an artist since day one. Born and raised in Chicago, both of his parents were Mexico natives and so when he was just nine years old he moved to Mexico where he attended school for a year. In just that year Nascent became acquainted with his heritage and learned an entire different way of life than he was accustomed to in the U.S. He did not realize it at such a young age but these influences would end up playing a major role in his career endeavors. It wasn’t until Nascent was a junior in high school that he started taking music seriously. Before then, he considered it a hobby. As a child he would sit in front of the piano and play melodies by ear thinking nothing of it until one day he understood that being able to play a tune with such ease after no training whatsoever was something special. A few friends wanted to perform in the high school talent show but needed a beat and with his newly developed curiosity for music; he agreed to help them out. Making beats started to come naturally and he realized that this is something he wanted to pursue passionately. From then on, he spent hours upon hours in basements and friends houses and locked in his bedroom.

In 2008 he flew out to NYC to work alongside an artist that was well known at the time. He was excited, imagining this being his big break, until none of his calls were returned upon his arrival. Feeling kind of bummed, he watched an interview on allhiphop.com with 50 Cent and his staff. It was his last day in NYC and out of impulse Nascent decided to make his trip worthwhile and walked right into G-unit’s office with nothing but a mix tape and ambition. His simple stroll into that office was life changing. Two people who worked directly with 50 Cent gave him a chance to show them what he had and listened to his beats. A year later, the summer of 2009, 50 Cent released the single off the mix tape “War Angel LP.” Called “Redrum” produced by Nascent. It didn’t stop there, he continued working with 50 on the latest album (which turned into a RIAA certified gold album), “Before I Self Destruct” and also went on to produce songs for more G-Unit artists and other well known artists such as Jeremih, Joe Budden (Mood Muzik 3), AZ (Doe or Die 2) , Scarface, and G.O.O.D Music artist, Cyhi The Prynce, among others.
Director Of Photography
Brandon Riley
Brandon scored his first national television placement in May 2010 on MTV for Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs. The video for Gibbs was selected as the MTV Premiere for the week and was featured across MTV network platforms. Riley has gone on to have 10 more music videos shown on national television. He has also been the cinematographer for the award winning feature "Englewood: The Growing Pains in Chicago" which has garnered attention across the country and even abroad in the UK, as well as the critically recognized "Mound Bayou" documentary. Brandon has worked with top flight hip hop artists Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Jim Jones, Twista, Lloyd, Day 26, Gospel Artists J Moss and Patrick Dopson and many more. Riley has also shot regional commercial spots for Chevrolet.
Executive Producer
Sakwe is a music producer and entrepreneur from Washington D.C. He has worked with artists such as Jeremih, Busta Rhymes, Rich Hill and YMCMB. He started his company "Since Yay High" in 2007 and executive produced his first short film in 2012.
Coco Baudelle
Coco Baudelle is a young actress, model and artist. She started painting at the age of five and soon after had her works of art exposed at the MBAM, which makes her one of the youngest artists who have shown at that museum. Coco started modeling at age 21 after graduating from Law School at University of Montreal. She is now making her Broadway debut this November in a play in which only she will be on stage. The French, English and Spanish speaking actress will also play in Santa Monica and Hollywood, California, where in the meantime she will work alongside screenwriter Michel Pascal on her leading role in his next film.
Denise Garcia
Denise Garcia is a Dominican actress fluent in both Spanish and English. She was born and raised in Massachusetts. After training in New York City with the legendary Anthony Abeson, she moved to Los Angeles. Denise has worked on several independent and short films. Two of those films made it to film festivals in New York City, “Distracted” (New York City International Film Festival and the Soho International Film Festival) and ”It's My Party” (Manhattan Film Festival). After filming "Top Floor," the reception to her portrayal of Cindy heightened her credibility and recognition as an actress. "It was exciting and extremely rewarding to work with such an amazing cast and crew who believed in me and my instincts to bring Cindy to life," Garcia said. Her performance in "Top Floor" has spring-boarded her career and notoriety as an up-and-coming actress, helping her book a co-starring role in her first feature film.
Mr. Porter
Dominic Capone
known simply as Dominic Capone, is an American actor and producer. He is the great-nephew of gangster Al Capone. Capone was born in Chicago, Illinois. He recently appeared in R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet hip-hopera in Chapter 21, as Joey. His most recent project is the film Chicago Overcoat.

In 2011, Dominic Capone enters into licensing agreement for Capone's Secret Family Recipes with Capo's Restaurant Las Vegas owner Nico Santucci to manufacture and distribute the Capo's Capone Family Secret brand of Italian specialty foods and sauces.